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The Paperboy: Enlaces a periódicos de todo el mundo. Enlace a la web the magazineboy.com que a su vez tiene enlaces a 1500 revistas subdivididas por temas.Posibilidad también de conexión audio a servicios de noticias. Muy interesante.

British newspapers

The Times: Periódico británico más antiguo y más importante. Lenguaje claro.

The Independent: Aunque independiente, es más bien liberal.

The Guardian: Otro periódico liberal o centro izquierda.

The Daily Mail: Por el contrario este periódico es conservador.

The Daily Telegraph: Otro también conservador.

The Mirror: Famoso periódico sensacionalista británico (tabloid)

The Sun: Otro periódico sensacionalista en competencia con el anterior. Su crucigrama es famoso.

The Observer: Acceso a su revista

American newspapers

The Washington Post: Junto con The New York Times los dos periódicos más importantes de Estados Unidos.

The New York Times: Periódico liberal.

National Geographic: Una de las revistas más antiguas sobre temas de naturaleza y exploraciones.

Life. Su dirección www.life.com redirige a: www.people.com. Entrevistas, noticias y perfiles, además de repaso a actividades de ocio. Seactualiza a diario.

Realsimple: Soluciones prácticas, recetas hogar, salud, moda

Instyle: Tendencias de la moda, consejos sobre belleza.

Time: Buen análisis de las noticias de actualidad desde una perspectiva bien informada.

Parenting: Ideas para los padres.

Timeforkids: Información y noticias diarias para los niños.

Teenpeople: Estilos,estrellas y temas más de actualidad para los jóvenes de hoy.

Time Magazine

USA Today

Spanish newspapers in English

Sur in English: Periódico andaluz en Inglés. Noticias de la costa del Sol. Versión impresa gratuita.C/ Martínez Campos,16, 2ºD 29001 - Málaga

Questions on newspapers

Quizzes: Time Magazine Archivos de lecturas, cuestionarios, sonidos...

Quizzes: Newsweek Preguntas sobre noticias de la actualidad.

Quizzes: Daily NY Times Más preguntas

National Irish Newspapers and News Sites

Irish Times: Periódico nacional de calidad.


Radio-locator: enlaces a más de 10 000 páginas de emisoras y 2 500 emisoras en línea.

Radio en directo World Radio Network is a leading broadcast and transmission company

CNN: Selección de audio de la conocida compañía norteamericana.

BBC World Service: Seccion de audio

BBC: Learning and teaching English.

The Washington Post: Audio de la conocida compañía norteamericana.


Australian Radio Corp: Desde aquí se puede acceder a varias páginas tanto de audio como de vídeo sobre muy diversos temas. Recomendabl

Canadian Broadcasting Service

Israel Radio International: Dos boletines diarios de noticias desde Israel

National Public Radio: Noticias y música on line

Radio Netherlands: emisora de radio holandesa que trata varios temas, desde noticias hasta temas de actualidad.

WABC: Radio Emisora de radio de Nueva York.

Mercury Theater: Orson Welles interpretó War of the Worlds por esta emisora de los años 30.


Movie Sound Clips: English on the Internet Diálogos de Pulp Fiction.

Movie Sound Clips: Breves diálogos de varias películas.

Movie trailers: Muchas y recientes películas.





BBC World



FOX News

ABC News

CBS News


The Britannica Concise
This free short-entry encyclopedia does not have as much content as the full Encyclopaedia Britannica (it's based on the one-volume printed Merriam-Webster Collegiate Encylopedia), but it does offer a searchable and browsable collection of more than 25,000 entries on a variety of topics. Hosted by the Yahoo! Education site.

Britannica Online
Britannica Online is no longer free--you must sign up for a subscription, or make use of the 14-day free trial. Note: the IPL does not normally list fee-based sites in this collection; however, we get so many requests to list Britannica, so here it is.

The Columbia Encyclopedia: Sixth Edition
This is an online version of the current (year 2000) edition of the Columbia Encyclopedia, a one volume, short-entry encyclopedia with over 50,000 entries.

An annotated listing of subject-oriented encyclopedias available on the Web.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian
"The Smithsonian Institution receives a great many public inquiries covering a wide range of topics. Therefore, the following responses have been compiled to answer frequently asked questions or to provide guidance in finding the requested information. New information will be added continually." Topics covered: Armed Forces History, Anthropology, Mineral Sciences, Musical History, Physical Sciences, Services, Textiles Conservation, Trasportation History, and Vertebrate Zoology.

"Based on The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia.com provides current information available in all major fields of knowledge -- from politics, law, art, and history to sports, literature, geography, science, and medicine. More than 17,000 articles provide free, quick and useful information on almost any topic. Through extensive cross-referencing, users have the option of expanding their research through direct links to other articles within the Encyclopedia.com site and to other related web sites." Note: the articles are rather short, and although the basic articles are free, they contain links to materials from the Electric Library, for which a fee is charged for access.

Information Please Almanac
Online version of the popular almanac which you can browse by topic or search. Also includes the Random House Websters College Dictionary and the Columbia Encyclopedia.

Microsoft Encarta Concise Encyclopedia
"A free concise encyclopedia that contains 16,000 articles and more than 2,200 photos, illustrations, maps, charts, and tables." (Paying subscribers can access the more complete MSN Learning & Research Plus with Encarta, for which a free trial is also available.)

How Stuff Works
Articles explain how hundreds of things work, from elements of the human body to space-age technology.

Search for free across a wide range of encyclopedia, dictionaries, thesauri, quotations and biographies. Most entries feature multiple cross-references.

Portal/concise encyclopedia offers fun activities for learning and exercising the mind. Daily articles introduce new topics in the arts, humanities, science, and technology, and provide links to related sites.

Free online encyclopedia that allows users to submit their own articles for inclusion in its database.

The encyclopedia of trivia. Includes such things as the definitions of acronyms and abbreviations, flags of the world, entertainment milestones, concise information about sports and religion, and so forth.

The Probert Encyclopaedia
Serious reference source with over 60,000 fully hypertext linked entries covering the entire spectrum of human knowledge. Content is aimed at journalists and researchers.

Encyclopedia FunTrivia
Thousands of categorized entries of trivia - an invaluable resource for answer seekers.


For questions on English grammar, spelling, and usage; to search a dictionary of words, names or quotations; for help with writing; for crosswords and puzzles.

Online publication of The American Heritage Dictionary, Fourth Edition. Featuring 70,000 audio word pronunciations, 900 full-page illustrations and over 10,000 new words and senses.

Ultralingua Online Dictionary
Searchable dictionary of the English language, with standard, reverse and phonetic lookup. Also links to a range of other language resources.

Based on the WordNet lexical database and thesaurus, this dictionary covers only a selection of the most frequent English words. Includes synonyms, antonyms, examples and pronunciation, and links between related words.

Macmillan English Dictionary
Resource site for the new Macmillan English Dictionary.

Die.net Online Dictionary
Cross-referenced definitions, spelling correction, and searches from WordNet, Webster's, and a variety of specialized sources. Supports regular expressions and the DICT protocol.

Free online resource that returns word and phrase definitions from several sources.

Merriam-Webster OnLine
A free, searchable on-line dictionary and thesaurus, word games, a word of the day, and many other English language and vocabulary reference tools and resources.

Cambridge Dictionary
Resource site for the new Macmillan English Dictionary.

Free online dictionaries. There are four multilingual translation dictionaries and one extremely big English dictionary


Slang: A Dictionary of Slang
English slang and colloquialisms currently used in the UK.

The Online Slang Dictionary
A global dictionary of English slang.

The Idiom Connection
An AZ list of idioms, their meaning and use along with accompanying quizzes for the idioms in each...


Offers grammar, vocabulary, crosswoword puzzles, podcasts, quizzes, slang and idioms, proverbs and listening.

Offers grammar, pronunciation, listenings with script, readings, puzzles, ...

A bit of everything: grammar, reading, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, ...

To improve your writing.


Lighter reading

Vogue + videos

Marie Claire + videos

iVillage + videos

Games sites

Plenty of fun with words with over 500 pages of word puzzles, games, amazing lists, and fun facts.


Movie and entertainment news.

Movie and entertainment with scripts.